Sunday, April 3, 2011

#498 - ZZ Top: Tres Hombres (1974)

There are artists that while I love what they do, I hate the music that the people that they influenced released. For me, ZZ Top is that type of band. These guys released some stellar Blues/Rock tunes and really pushed the Texas Blues sound to the fore front of the blues genre, where it dominated the 80's and 90's.

The beef I have with ZZ Top has nothing to do with the guys themselves.'s the guys in bar bands across the country who have butchered so many ZZ Top tunes and kind of made caricatures of a great band.

Tres Hombres was the first album for ZZ Top to break into the Top 10, and created a national reputation for this Houston Band.

Interestingly enough, that while the album made the Top Ten, it only yielded one single "La Grange" that peaked at #41 on the Billboard Singles Chart. Without a strong radio presence of any singles on the album, this album relies on 19 solid songs.

This was ZZ Tops third album and this really cemented the style that would define their albums over the next 10 years. Really catchy blues guitar riffs, and a drummer who plays a back beat that you could set your watch too.

The real gem of this album for me is "Jesus Just Left Chicago", a song that I'm not surprised that hasn't become a Blues-Rock standard (Although, considering what's been done to other tunes ZZ Top tunes, I'm a little glad)

  • Bottom Line: This album brought a great band to National fame....a Solid album with very few weak points.
  • Highlights: Jesus Just Left Chicago, Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
  • Low-Points: Lack of diversity of the songs.. While no songs stand out as truly weak points, the second half of the album tends to kind of blend together.

Does the Album Deserve to be on the Top 500? Yes, although, it's the only album me from these guys that I would be say yes to.

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